File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
kdclient/dllmain.cppContains the DllMain() implementation
kdclient/kdclient.cppContains the VMWare hooking/unhooking entries
kdclient/tablemgr.cppImplements the RPC dispatcher hooking engine
kdclient/tablemgr.hContains declaration for patcher engine and patch database
kdpatch/kdpatch.cppContains the driver load/unload code
kdpatch/moduleapi.hImplements inline equivalents of GetModuleHandle()/GetProcAddress() for kernel mode
kdvmware/emptyfunc.cppContains implementation of unused API exported by KDVmware.dll
kdvmware/kdrpc.hContains definitions for KdXXX() marshalling protocol
kdvmware/kdvmware.cppContains guest side of KdXXX() marshalling functions
kdvmware/kdvmware.hContains definitions for extra functions exported by KDVmware.dll
kdvmware/kdxxx.hContains definitions of functions and structures exported by KD extension libraries Information extracted from KDVM documentation (
kdvmware/vmwrpc.hContains inline classes for performing Guest-to-Host VMWare RPC calls (GuestRPC mechanism) Further information about GuestRPC can be found here:
pipeproxy/pipeproxy.cppContains the entry point and implementation for Pipe proxy used for debugging
rpcdispatch/kdcomdisp.cppContains implementation for KdReceivePacket()/KdSendPacket()
rpcdispatch/kdcomdisp.hContains declaration for class implementing KdComDispatcher::KdReceivePacket() and KdComDispatcher::KdSendPacket()
rpcdispatch/pipesrv.hContains a simple inline named pipe server
rpcdispatch/reporter.cppContains implementation for status reporting class
rpcdispatch/reporter.hContains declarations for status reporting class
rpcdispatch/rpcdisp.hContains host side of KdXXX() marshalling functions
rpcdispatch/status.hContains declarations for status reporting structures
rpcdispatch/trassist.hContains inline TraceAssist implementation
vmmon/loader.hContains an inline class for injecting DLLs into processes
vmmon/MainDlg.cppContains implementation for main VMMON dialog
vmmon/MainDlg.hContains declaration of main VMMON dialog class
vmmon/PatchList.hContains declaration for patched process state structure
vmmon/trparams.hContains inline TraceAssist parameters dialog
vmmon/vmmon.cppContains entry point for VMMON application
vmxpatch/findproc.cppContains functions for enumerating running processes
vmxpatch/findproc.hContains declaration for process enumeration functions The API provided by this file is deprecated. Use the ToolhelpSnapshot class from BazisLib instead
vmxpatch/vmxpatch.cppContains implementation for a simple console-based VMWare patcher Logo